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Elephants are renowned for their remarkable intelligence, often compared to that of great apes and cetaceans. These majestic beings have excellent long-term memory, crucial for their survival. Moreover, these Titans have been observed using tools, such as using branches to swat flies or modifying objects to reach food. Jumbos can also solve complex problems, demonstrating an understanding of cause and effect. Their cognitive abilities manifest in various ways that underscore the elephants' high level of intelligence, making them one of the most cognitively advanced animals on the planet.

Elephants live in complex social structures, showing advanced behaviours like cooperation, altruism, and empathy. They console distressed members and exhibit mourning behaviours for deceased elephants. Even sometimes, the Titans clash to prove their supremacy. However, is it possible that these intelligent and social animals would get envious and ostracise their clan member?

Though sounds surprising, recently a video surfaced on social media in which an elephant gets ostracised by its envious herd. And, the reason for getting envious is surprising. The jumbo herd ostracised the elephant for its artistic skills!

In the video, two jumbos can be seen pushing an elephant into a waterbody. The victim elephant couldn't walk up and just roared loudly. The video also shows certain other instances of the elephant being attacked by its herd. Meanwhile, the video also shows the elephant using colour and brush to paint some alluring artwork.

As claimed in the video, the elephant was ostracised by other elephants pushed into the water and bullied. It could only bellow loudly to express its anger. The reason for its isolation was surprising because it could paint. To protect this elephant and avoid more intense conflicts the staff decided to move this elephant to a separate area where he could paint more safely and more focused. 

After the video of this conflict came out, more and more people got to know about this painting elephant, and they all went to the zoo to watch the elephant paint. After being away from its envious herd, the elephant became even better at painting.

The scroll on the video narrates the entire story of the ostracised elephant and how things changed after the video went viral.

While the authenticity of the video and the claims made in it couldn't be verified, shared on Instagram by jimmy_tangree has gone viral on social media. It has amassed over 480K likes and reshared over 308K times.

One user wrote, "So even animals put down those who are better than them." (sic)

A second user wrote, "The fact that this dude can paint better than me." (sic)

"Omg ! this is unbelievable! He is so cute," wrote a third user. (sic)

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