Cassian Baliarsingh

A heart-stopping video of a man risking his own life to save a little girl from a tragic road mishap has gone viral on social media, proving humanity still exists. The video shared on X rightly proves that not all heroes wear capes.

Ever since it was shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, the video has left fans mesmerized by the man’s quick action who cannot help but heap praises on his courage. Social media users are flooding the comment section to hail the man for his heroism.

“Real-life hero; not every hero wears a cape. Heroes live among us,” reads the caption of the video. 

The video shows a group of young men chatting alongside a main road. They are casually chatting with each other while vehicles pass by on the main road.

One of them is seen sitting on a bicycle while the other man is standing. Meanwhile, all of a sudden, a girl riding a bicycle loses control and comes ramming toward a huge pole. No sooner, the man sees the girl, he immediately drops his cycle and runs to her rescue.

He manages to grab her and pull her out before she rams into the pole. In the process, he hurts himself as the girl’s cycle runs over his feet. Later, the second man takes the girl from him while he limps in pain. The man’s quick thinking and display of bravery in saving the little girl isn’t a sight that we get to see every day.

“He is a real-life hero for saving that child. We need more people like him in the world,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “It’s not just that men call themselves Batman.”

“Salute to his bravery,” commented a third.