Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Being compassionate and kind-hearted to others in need doesn't cost a single penny. Rather, such acts of kindness can fill happiness in others' lives as well as fill warmth in your hearts. People residing close to wild habitats often have close encounters with wild animals. There are plenty of instances when wild animals stray into human habitats in search of food and water. But, some people perceive them as threats.

However, here we bring a video that will warm your heart and fill it with love for wild animals. 

Recently, a video is doing rounds on social media in which a man can be seen feeding a deer. 

The video begins with the man approaching his house in his car and finds a stag waiting on his property. Instantly, he welcomes the stag inside his house and feeds it. 

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As claimed in the video, he feeds them regularly and the deer everyday comes back to his backyard and waits for him. 

As per the claims, after a few days, the deer came back to the man with its friend at first. Next, it came back with its herd comprising over 20 deer. Though the man is shocked to see the herd, he welcomes them wholeheartedly and feeds them too.

The deer herd seems not to be feared of the presence of the man and walks closer to him to enjoy their treat.  The happy man captures all these heart-warming moments on his mobile camera. In the video, the man is seen hugging and feeding the deer herd with pleasure. He even celebrates Christmas with his new friends from the wild. 

The video shared on Instagram by tearchronicles has gone viral and the comments section is flooded with heart-warming notes. As it seems from the comments, the kind-hearted man won the hearts of netizens with his act of humanity.