Rashmi Ranjan

People says if you can drive on busy Indian roads then you can drive anywhere across the globe.  Indian roads are full of surprises while some can leave your jaws dropped.

Imagine you are out for a walk and suddenly see a heavy vehicle plying on the road without front wheels. Would you believe your eyes?? Probably, no.

But here we bring you a video where an oil tanker can be seen plying on an Indian road without front wheels. 

The video, which has now gone viral on photo and video sharing platform Instagram, has stunned the internet user.

In the video, the truck’s front portion seems to be totally damaged and the front two wheels are missing. However, the driver can be seen driving the vehicle effortlessly and at a good speed.

The video has an inserted text on it which reads, "21 topo ki salami driver ko," 

While one user praised the driver’s skill and wrote, “Power of Indian driver,” another user commented, “Turn mai problem hoga bhai...BTW heavy Driver.”

“Yesa to sirf apne India me possible h,” wrote another user while the fourth one commented, “Elon musk driver hatane me laga h aur yaha driver chakke hatane me lage hai.”