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Wildlife lovers often witness different interesting happenings in the wild. From predators chasing and hunting down their prey to animals battling with each other fiercely. Even surprising incidents have been witnessed when prey overpower their predators and escape from the deadly jaws. However, it is quite rare to witness the moments when fierce predators turn humble, loving and caring. Well, have you ever seen any apex predator trying to woo its partner or an animal of the opposite gender?

Here We Bring Two Videos of Lions and Tigers, that may leave You Surprised and Bring a Smile to Your Face:

In one video, a lion can be seen lying casually on the grass. Meanwhile, a lioness approaches from behind and sits in front of the lion. Next, the lioness walks behind and jumps over the lion. Moreover, the lioness settles on the lion and sits for a while. It continues to wag its tail. After a while, the lioness can be seen lying beside the lion. However, the lion didn't react to any of these actions. As it seems, the lioness did such activities to draw the attention of the lion but failed miserably.

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The video shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Nature Is Amazing has been viewed over 20 million times and amassed over 20K likes. Well, netizens have flooded the comments section with hilarious notes. The caption for the video reads: Lioness tries to attract the attention of the male Lion but he doesn't care! (sic)

In the second video, a tigress is seen sleeping while a young tiger walks near it. The tiger walks near the tigress slowly and carefully. As soon as the tiger touches the tigress with its paw, the latter reacts furiously and growls out loud. The tigress unstoppably continues to growl and attack the tiger. The tigress didn't stop growling until the tiger walked away. As the tiger walks away, the tigress again settles on the ground. 

Shared on X by Nature is Amazing, the video has been viewed over 1.9 million times and garnered over 10K likes. The caption for the video reads: A young male Tiger finds out the hard way why you shouldn’t sneak up on a sleeping Tigress. (sic)

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While the origin source of the videos and the authenticity of the claims made by the user couldn't be verified, both the videos have gone viral amusing several netizens. Most of the netizens have connected both the incidents of the apex predators with humans as they face similar consequences.

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