Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Everyone dreams of making their wedding day the most special moment of their lives because it's when the groom and bride legally and socially become husband and wife, creating lasting memories.

Recently, a video featuring influencer Aarya Vora gained attention for an elaborate welcome for her then-fiance.

The young influencer shared the celebratory video with her nearly 979K followers on Instagram. 

The video begins with Aarya running to the airport's arrival area in a beautiful blue outfit, holding a welcoming sign for her love. 

Spotting him, she kneels before him with a red rose, accompanied by the viral song “Ve Haaniyaan” playing in the background.

After hugging him, their families come forward with garlands, and her sisters dance, continuing the warm welcome.

Aarya posted the video on Instagram with a caption that started with, “Who says a girl can't surprise and welcome her man?” and ended with, “Excited for the unpredictable wedding!! 🚀 Stay tuned, my friends ❤️🥂.”

The video quickly went viral, amassing 19 million views, 357k likes, and numerous comments.

One user criticised, “It’s all for making reels and showing off,” while another asked, “Would you do the same if he arrived by bus?” 
Others commented on the lack of privacy in such public displays, with one remarking, “People are getting more into reel life than real life... Sorry 😣 but this all looks so fake 😞.” 

However, some expressed their joy with comments like “So cute!! ❤️❤️” and “Favorites..🥹😍😘❤️ Always stay happy 😘.”

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