Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The Delhi Metro is one of the largest and busiest rapid transit systems in India. This metro system is frequently in the news due to passengers who engage in unusual activities such as dancing or fighting inside the metro.

Recently, a video went viral from the Indraprastha Metro Station in Delhi in which a boy can be seen dancing in a quirky way to the song "Naacho Naacho" from the movie ‘RRR’.
Though the hilarious dance moves amused passengers inside the metro and garnered attention on social media, it also irked some netizens who advised youths not to do such acts risking life.

The viral video shows the boy standing near the metro door at Indraprastha Station. As the metro stopped and the gates opened, he stepped out and started dancing to the lyrics of the song. 

After a few moments, he returned to the metro, continuing his dance step-by-step to the beats of "Naacho Naacho", originally performed by actors Ram Charan and N. T. Rama Rao Jr. in the movie.

The video amused fellow metro passengers, with people laughing and even an old man looking surprised by the dance. 

It quickly gained popularity on social media, accumulating 13.4 million views, 914k likes, and numerous comments.

Comments flooded the video, with one user jokingly guessing, "I'm 100% sure this guy is from Delhi ☠️😂". 

Another user wrote, “Bhai, confidence next level 👍😂❤️.” A different user commented, “Khud ko kush rakhne ke saath kaafi logo ke chehre pe smile diya, you are the hero 😍👍.”

Another user said, “Naach ye raha hai, sharam mujhe aa rahi hai 🥲.” Someone else remarked, “Janam lag jayenge lekin aisa confidence nahi ayega kabhi 🤣🤣.”

Another user noted, “Such confidence is dangerous 😂.' And yet another commented, “Bas itna confidence chahiye life mein 🥲🥲🥲🥲.”

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