Poonam Singh

Weddings is a once in a life time moment, so brides and grooms want their Big Day to be perfect without any mishap and tragedies. However, for this Uttar Pradesh couple, their most important day of life was filled with tragedies making it the perfect script for a Bollywood movie.

According to an Amarujala report, the marriage of  22-year-old Abhishek Verma, a resident of Barchaun village under Mehrauni tehsil of Lalitpur district was fixed with 20-year-old Babita, a resident of Laguwa by their families.

Abhishek’s and Babita’s wedding was to be held on December 14 in the Chief Minister's mass wedding event organised at Chandrashekhar Park located at Lalitpur headquarters.

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Reportedly, on the wedding day, groom Abhishek left early in the morning with his friends and family for the mass wedding venue organised in Lalitpur. But on his way to the venue, he had an accident after the bike in which he was riding on collided with a dog.

Abhishek was rushed to the district hospital, where the doctors informed that he had a fracture, after getting his foot X-ray done.

He got his leg plastered and then went to the wedding venue despite the doctor’s advice to take complete bed rest.

With the help of his family and friends, he reached the venue in time. But, another tragedy was waiting for him and the bride. After the wedding, when the bride and the groom were sitting together on a chair, a garbage truck rammed into a nearby electric pole, causing sparks to emanate from the electric wire and breaking the electric wire. The electric wire fell near Abhishek and Babita. However, quick responses from their families helped them escape unhurt.

Despite the tragedies, the couple’s union was solemnized. People, after hearing their story, had a number of things to say about it. While some felt that the couple’s stars were not matching, others believed that the bride must have some ill-fate. Others felt that the couple was made for each other as despite the obstacles their marriage was solemnized.

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