Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In today's era of social media, many people are enthusiastically sharing their talents online, aspiring to become influencers by creating captivating content.

Platforms like Instagram ‘reels’ have become popular mediums for individuals to showcase their skills in hopes of gaining viral attention.

Recently, a video gained traction on social media, showing a girl dancing on the hood of a Lamborghini and accidentally smashing its windscreen in the process.

The video, originally shared on Reddit, featured the girl wearing a pink tube top and a white skater skirt as she danced atop the car.

MC dances on top of car and breaks the windshield 🤦‍♂️
byu/EthanthegamerGD inImTheMainCharacter

As she stepped onto the windscreen, it shattered, leaving a noticeable crack. While she initially seemed surprised by the mishap, she continued with her dance routine, unaware of the damage caused.

The caption accompanying the video questioned the motive behind such actions, pondering why people would risk damaging property for views and likes.

The video quickly garnered attention, with users expressing their reactions. 

While some empathized with the situation, commenting on the pain inflicted by the incident, others criticised the lack of regard for the luxury car, observing how easily the windscreen broke.

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