Soumya Prakash Pradhan

People work and earn to support their families and others, striving for a good life without thinking much for self. Receiving praise for their efforts not only cheers them up but also relieves their stress.

Recently, a video went viral on social media featuring one, Akash Selvarasu. He shared a video on Instagram showing him sketching a waiter at a food joint.

Selvarasu created the sketch on the back of a bill receipt using his pens. Once the sketch was complete, he gave the paper to the waiter who inspired him.

Upon seeing the artwork, the waiter was visibly happy, shaking hands with the artist and displaying a big smile that reflected his joy in that moment.

He even placed the sketch on his chest, further expressing his happiness.

Akash shared the video on his Instagram with the caption: "Pure smile on his face reaction 😃".

The video quickly gained popularity online, with many users leaving love-filled comments.

One user commented, "He resembles my late father; it's been 8 years since he left us 🥺." Another wrote, "Respect from one artist to another ❤️🙌" while another commented, "You made him feel special in a way nobody else did."