Cassian Baliarsingh

India is known for ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ and the warm hospitality of Indians is one thing that can deeply touch any foreign tourists. Every Indian treats the guests with respect and so it’s understandable why tourists visiting India want to come back again and again.

However, this beautiful woman from Germany has decided to stay in India forever. She has already started learning to make tea and wear a saree. Julie, a German lady is married to Arjun Sharma and moved to India two years ago during the pandemic.

She has an Instagram page and often shares videos of her day-to-day activities in India. Recently, she shared a video of herself making tea for her husband that has impressed netizens. Internet users cannot stop but praise Julie for her modesty and commitment to adapting and accepting India’s culture.

In the video, Julie can be seen preparing tea in the kitchen. She looks all the more beautiful in a pink saree as she sports a bindi, mangalsutra, and sindoor like an Indian wife. Her husband tries to make fun of her as she prepares tea and the wholesome video has gone viral. She can also be heard speaking in Hindi.

With over 6 million views, the video has garnered over 333,813 likes and thousands of comments.

“Saree me bahut khoobsurat lagti ho app, kisi ka nazar na lage,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “You know Hindi, so awesome sister.”

“Tea lover,” commented a user while another user wrote, “Aisi biwi se chai banwa raha hai… tu bahar mil.”