Cassian Baliarsingh

A video of two giant elephants fiercely fighting with each other has gone viral on social media and it is the most nerve-racking thing you will see on the internet today.

Although we have grown up seeing elephants to be calm animals, this fierce fight between the two pachyderms will surely give you goosebumps. The video shows how brutal the situation can be when two giant elephants face off each other.

Twitter user The Figen shared the video and wrote, “What is the problem between these two giants?”

The video shows two massive elephants battling each other and at one point attempting to topple one another. Since being shared online, the video has been viewed 274.5k views, with 3334 likes, and 540 retweets. Several users are reacting hilariously to the video in the comment section.

A user wrote, “I’m pretty sure, it’s because one got chocolate and the other one’s peanut butter.”

“When two elephants it is the grass and the trees that suffer,” commented a second user.

A third user wrote, “One was overheard saying ‘too much junk in your trunk’ and the other said, ‘hold my beer while I unpack this guy.”

“Aurat Ka Chakkar Babu Bhaiya,” commented another user.