Poonam Singh

Nowadays, couples are going to great lengths for perfect wedding photographs and videos to preserve their long-cherished memories forever. However, a couple from Bihar seemed to be got a little carried away as they engaged in a fight with each other over clicking pictures. 

According to a News18 report, the incident took place in Bhasar Machha village of Sitamarhi district of Bihar. 

After the varmala ceremony, the bride and groom engaged in a heated argument over who would take the photos first. But, later the argument escalated and the situation took an ugly turn with the involvement of both families, the report said. 

The situation worsened when both groom's and bride’s sides turned the wedding venue into a battlefield with chairs being thrown at each other. Many people sustained injuries in the fight and were rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Later, after the tussle was defused, the groom hesitated to go ahead with the wedding and wanted to break off the alliance.

Reportedly, the groom was so annoyed with the fight that he refused to tie the knot, but after much convincing from both the families and the intervention of the police, he decided to go ahead with the marriage.