Cassian Baliarsingh

It is rightly said dogs are the most loyal beings in the world. They are naturally loving and affectionate. Once they start loving a person, they do not leave their side no matter what.

A glaring example of this is a pet dog that has been waiting outside a mortuary for its dead owner for the last several months. The faithful dog has stationed himself near the hospital's mortuary door even as its owner has died and been taken to the mortuary.

The heart-warming incident has been reported from a hospital in Kerala’s Kannur. 

ANI shared the dog’s story and wrote, “Kerala: A faithful dog stationed himself near a hospital's mortuary door in Kannur. The dog's owner is believed to have died at the hospital and been taken to the mortuary.”

A staff member of the hospital revealed that the dog thinks that its owner is alive and has been to the mortuary.

“A patient came to the hospital four months ago and the dog had come along with the patient. The patient died and the dog saw the owner being taken to the mortuary...The dog feels that the owner is still here. The dog does not leave this place & has been here for the past four months,” informed Vikas Kumar a staff member at the District Hospital in Kannur.

Since being shared online, the dog’s story has garnered immense love from social media users.

“💔 ..True., A Dog loves you more than he loves himself,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Ffs somebody should adopt this cutie. Dogs are human’s best friend even after death. 🌻”

“Pls someone in that area adopt him if you can. It’s unfortunate. I fear he will have to live as stray,” commented a third user.