Cassian Baliarsingh

The trending ‘Orange Peel Theory’ has taken over social media. Instagram reels are filled with several videos on the trending theory. The theory means that if your partner peels oranges for you without being asked, it’s a sure sign of their love and care.

This small act of peeling oranges for your partner is seen as a litmus test for true love. The theory gained traction and went viral with hilarious memes and witty posts filling up social media platforms, sparking laughter and funny conversations across the internet.

Now, the theory has got a hilarious twist by a desi mom who brutally trolled the ‘illogical theory’. The video was shared by comedian Aanchal Agrawal who explained to her mom about the trending theory, expecting a lighthearted response.


A post shared by Aanchal Agrawal (@awwwnchal)

However, her Indian mother’s hilarious reaction has taken social media by storm. Her mother in a serious tone said, “Girls these days will be impressed if anyone peels orange. Is this why we gave you a good education?”

She hands over a peeled orange and further says, “Here, I also peeled an orange, what’s the big deal?”

Since being shared online, the video has garnered hilarious reactions in the comment section.

“Exactly, Santre chhelne me kya hai… lehsun chhelke do,” commented a girl.

Another woman wrote, “Sahi keh rahi hai mummy, santre cheelne wala nahin anaar cheelne wala dhundo.”

“Kahan hai boyfriend, mante hi raho bas, was personal,” commented another girl.