Cassian Baliarsingh

In a hilarious incident, an overjoyed thief was caught on camera dancing after stealing a laptop, cash and other valuables in MP’s Shivpuri. The thief was overjoyed after he successfully looted two shops, reports said.

Hilariously, the thief chews gutkha and dances as if he has bumped into some crores of rupees and it would change his life forever.

According to sources, the owners of the shop opened it to find the locks broken and laptop, cash and other documents missing. They lodged a complaint following which police skimmed through the CCTV footage only to find the thief dancing.

Sporting a black shirt, the thief first tears a gutkha in style and puts it in his mouth. Then, he breaks out in dance. The hilarious part is when his expression changes after he sees the CCTV camera. 

His hilarious dance steps and expression have now gone viral on social media.


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An Instagram user shared the video and wrote, “Celebrate all your little wins, they said. Choti choti Khusiyan.”

However, it is the comments in the post that is worth reading. “Lagta hai pehli chori thi,” commented a user while another user wrote, “Gutkha supremacy.”

“Naatu Naatu,” playing on his head,” wrote a third user while another commented, “Muh Mein Rajnigandha… Kadmo Mein Duniya.” Another user commented, “Lagta hai Ajay Devgn ka fan hai.”

Meanwhile, police are yet to arrest the suspect.