Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Animals have feelings like humans . They do express love, grief, and guilt. Animal lovers must have come across several such moments that are heart-winning. Moreover, in this social media age, we can find several videos shared by pet parents that show dogs' guilt expressions. 

Here we bring a video of a doggo couple’s expression when caught red-handed.

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As seen in the video, a Husky is seen standing at a corner of a courtyard. While it is standing near a ditch with a hanging face, another dog with a white coat crawls out from the hole. Both the dogs stand still with guilty faces.

The duo stands for a long time in the same posture. The husky rests its hanging face on the white dog’s back, while the other dog stares at the person capturing the video.

The expression of the dogs probably is for getting caught red-handed. It is either for digging in the courtyard or for their mischievous act. 

The video shared on Instagram by doggolovers has won the hearts of netizens. Several users have flooded the comment box with red heart emoticons while some others have shared laughing face emoticons.

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