Poonam Singh

Indian weddings are incomplete without a lot of ceremonies, mehendi, jewellery, extraordinary clothes, elaborate food spread and, of course, how can we forget, dancing like crazy! And if the bride and groom take on the stage for a dance performance then it makes it extra special.

However, recently a video of an elderly woman stopping a bride from dancing in her video has gone viral.

In the video shared on Instagram by a user named Amarjeet Nishad, the bride dressed in a red dress starts dancing in her wedding hall. 

She can be seen dancing to the song Mere Saiya Superstar while the guests are seen standing in the background. Some people are also seen eating food behind, and everyone’s eyes are fixed on seeing the bride dancing like this. 

However, the dance was not appreciated by an elderly woman who is said to be the bride’s grandmother. She comes and stops the bride from dancing in front of everyone. The older generation feels that a bride needs to be shy and coy so that the groom and his family like her.

After being shared online, the video has amassed a whopping 1.84 million views and the numbers are only increasing. The post has accumulated over 1 lakh likes and several comments from social media users who were amused by the grandmother’s act and related to her.

“Dadiji ne to dance hi ni krne Diya bechari ko,” wrote a user. A second user commented, “I think dadi ne isliye Roka hoga .. khi Nazar na LG Jaye gudiya ko.” While a third joked saying, “Dadi be like - shaadi cancel hui to paisa doobna pakka.”