Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • A bride from the Agra region canceled her marriage because the groom's eyes were very small.
  • She denied marrying the groom just before the jaimala ceremony.

A completely shocking incident occurred in the city of Agra in Uttar Pradesh during a marriage ceremony. It is a normal custom for the groom to ride on the horse in the baraat and come to take the bride from her home. But in Agra, when the bride saw the groom on the horse, something snapped inside her and she decided not to marry the groom.

In the surprising turn of the event, just before the jaimala, the bride announced that she did not like the groom and hence she is not marrying him. According to Live Hindustan, after that, the family members of the bride contacted the family of a boy with whom the girl had earlier broken the relationship. Later on, the girl was married to that boy.

The marriage was earlier arranged between a girl from the Anwalkheda region in Agra with a boy from Pachman Shahpur in the Ferozabad region. But due to some unknown reasons a week before the marriage, this relationship was broken from the side of the bride’s family.

Then the preparations for the marriage were made and the family members of the bride did not want all of them and the muhurat to go to waste. That is why in a hurry they arranged the marriage of the bride with another groom.

The marriage was scheduled to take place on 19th February. The groom and his family members arrived at the marriage venue as planned. The family of the bride also welcomed all of them with enthusiasm. But when it was time for Jaimala, the bride failed to come on the stage.

When the family members asked the bride why she is not ready for this marriage, the girl said that the eyes of the groom are very small and hence she is not ready to marry him. Everyone tried to persuade the bride but she was unrelenting.

After monetary adjustments and give and take, the family of the groom went away and the family of the bride then contacted the earlier groom and married him to their girl.