Cassian Baliarsingh
A video of a newly-wed bride turning up for her practical exams in wedding saree has been gaining traction on social media. She can be seen wearing a lab coat over her saree and has a stethoscope around her neck.
She has been identified as Shree Lekshmi Anil, a student at the Bethany Navajeevan College of Physiotherapy in Kerala. The video starts with Lekshmi entering the exam hall in her yellow wedding saree and jewellery. She enters the classroom and waves at her friends who soon break out in laughter and cheers.
The caption of the video reads, “Medicos life #physiotherapy exam and wedding in one day.”
In another video, Lekshmi can be seen preparing for her practical exam on her way to the exam hall. The bride successfully writes her exam and later comes out and hugs her mother who was waiting for her outside the exam hall.
The adorable video has struck a chord with many internet users who took to the comment section to appreciate and praise the bride. Many social media users wished her luck on the exam.
“Salute to those who helped by fixing the marriage,” commented a user while another user wrote, “Dedication.”
“Damn … I totally understand. My exams were so close to my wedding date. I thought even I had to go write exams on my wedding day, but thankfully I was done with exams 3 days before the wedding,” remarked a user.
After being shared online, the video has garnered over two million views and 153L likes with the numbers increasing every passing second.