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Weddings can be pricey affairs. While some couples spend crores to make sure they have a magical day, some just want to have a simple wedding. In some cultures, liquor is a vital part of hospitality at weddings and everyone looks forward to enjoying some free drinks. However, a couple faced backlash from their friends and family when they revealed plans for their wedding.

The couple reportedly decided not to serve alcohol or any other beverages at their wedding to cut their budget. Reportedly, the duo said they would only serve plain water which infuriated many who accused the couple for being selfish and also labelled the wedding 'un-fun'. 

The bride also explained that she and her husband were paying for most of the wedding themselves, including the entirety of the catering, and that only her grandma had offered to pitch in financially.

The bride-to-be took to Reddit to speak of her decision. ”We have a lot of kids in our family so we decided against making it child-free but we did decide to make it dry. So there will be no alcohol of any kind at our wedding." 

She continued, "Honestly, this doesn’t have anything to do with there being kids there but due to the fact that my fiancé and I don’t drink. Nothing against people who do, it's just not for us and we don't want to." 

"We are having our wedding catered so everyone will have a good choice of food to choose from but to drink only water will be provided.  We don’t want to have to pay for alcohol or fizzy drinks, it is just a large added expense when we can just do filtered water for a much cheaper cost," the post further read.

The bride then stated that her decision has upset many of her family and friends. She wrote, "Some didn't really care but some are really upset about it. Saying that I can just have an open bar so I don't have to pay for drinks (we could, but still have to pay for the bartender and we just really don't want to bother with alcohol there). Or we should at least have fizzy drinks because how can we expect everyone to drink only water? The kids will be upset. The wedding will be boring. That this is not how weddings work."

AITA for having a dry wedding and serving only water for drinks?
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Meanwhile, the bride's post has gone viral with over 10,000 people leaving their thoughts and most slamming the bride and but some came forward in support of the bride’s decision not to serve alcohol.

"A dry wedding is one thing, but no juice or soda will make a lasting impression on people, and not the good kind," wrote one user.

'I fully support a dry wedding but only water as a beverage is being a cheap host,' another added. 

"I wouldn't bother going. If they can't even provide soda or iced tea, what type of food will they serve?" a third user wrote.