Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Animal behaviour is unpredictable. Sometimes they are the cutest creatures, but at times they can turn extremely aggressive. Pet parents and people spending time with wild animals are well aware of such instances. 

Some breeds of dogs are naturally aggressive and can turn extremely violent at times. However, have you seen any dog turning violent to defend itself from another dog much bigger than its size?

Here we bring a video that will leave you surprised and amused at the same time. In the video, a small dog turns aggressive and fights back a bigger dog. Moreover, it also ‘flaunts’ its martial arts skill and successfully fears away the bigger dog.

In the video, the small dog can be seen on a street. Suddenly, it gets alert and walks ahead. But, it steps back instantly and gets vigilant. Hurriedly, the big dog charges towards the small one. However, without panicking, the small dog continuously barks at the big one and gives it no chance to attack. 

Surprisingly, it bites a broom kept nearby and starts moving it randomly. The big dog gets frightened and flees away from the spot instantly. Undoubtedly, size doesn’t matter. Courage matters the most and being brave can help to fight back big hurdles which is proved by the small dog.

The video shared on Twitter by Out Of Context Animals has gone viral on social media amassing massive views. The comments on the reposts seem to be quite hilarious.