Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

What can you do to persuade your sulky boyfriend or girlfriend after a breakup or a fight? If you are devoted to your partner and truly love him or her, you would certainly leave no stone unturned to get him/her back into your life. What would be your reaction after learning that she/he has moved on in life?

However, here we bring a video that is quite hilarious and at the same time emotional.

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In the video, a boy along with friends is seen singing a song while standing outside a gate. Meanwhile, a girl is seen standing inside the gate. From the expressions of the boy singing, it seems, he is trying to patch up with his girlfriend. But, on the other side, the girl seems not to care.

After a while, another man walks out of the house. Seeing the man, the boy takes a pause and again continues. However, while he continues singing, the man walks to the girl and hugs her from behind. 

Seeing his girlfriend with another man, the boy breaks down into tears. The boy seems to be heartbroken by the incident and continues to cry.

The video seems to be an old one and has resurfaced on social media. Shared by The Figen on Twitter, the video has been viewed massively and netizens have flooded the comment box sharing their views.

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One user wrote, “Uh-oh.  Somebody's heartbroken.  Why did he go there??” (sic)

Another wrote, “That is actually painful.”(sic)

“Never tell a girl you love her. Just show it...sometimes. They do not realize how fragile are men's heart,” wrote a third user. (sic)

While the authenticity of the video couldn’t be verified, the moment the boy breaks into tears seemed to be hilarious for several others.