Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Almost all monkey species love bingeing on fruits and vegetables. Above all, it is widely believed that monkeys mostly love eating bananas. The primates immediately snatch away the food offered to them by any person.

But, here we bring a video that might change your thought. You may also get shocked after watching the expressions of a monkey when it is offered a banana.

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In the video, an adult monkey is seen sitting on the edge of a rooftop. Meanwhile, someone offers it a peeled banana. The banana was half eaten. But, the most amusing thing is the expression of the monkey. 

When the person offers the banana, the monkey looks at the person by rolling its eyeballs. As it seems, the monkey looks at the person with suspicion. A few seconds later, it looks at the half-eaten banana and again looks back at the person with the same suspicious look. 

The video shared by Matías on Twitter has gone viral. Meanwhile, it has triggered a laugh riot in the comment section with netizens expressing their thoughts over the suspicious expressions of the monkey.

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One user wrote, “I used to eat bananas in bunch and you are offering just a single peeled one ! Get lost” (sic)

Another user wrote, “Bro .. come one .. you given me a half banana !! you must be kiddin me..” (sic)

“He’s pissed cause someone already took a bite out of it,” wrote a third user. (sic)