Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

No woman would tolerate her man looking towards another woman. While there is no compulsion or law forbidding men from looking at other women despite being in a relationship, most women feel insecure in such situations. As instances of people cheating on their partners are becoming quite frequent, everyone needs to remain alert and voice their thoughts to resolve the issue. 

However, should a person get punished for helping others?

But, a recent video circulating on social media will make it clearer that such rules are not applicable when it comes to husband and wife. 

As seen in the video, a middle-aged couple can be seen walking towards the water on a beach. Meanwhile, a young woman is seen walking from the opposite direction. Suddenly, the young girl's stole flies away with the blow of air and drops on the sand. Instantly, the man picks it up and handovers it to the young woman.

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While the young woman thanks him and walks off, the man's wife takes it other way and decides to avenge her husband's action.

She instantly drops her handbag on the sand and walks away. The man without any second thought picks it up and handovers to his wife. This didn't end here. The woman kept on dropping her bag repeatedly and her husband continued to pick it up. 

However, after the repetitive actions of his wife, the man realised his 'mistake' and ran towards the young woman. He pulls the stole and drops it down. Later, he runs towards his wife and picks up her bag. Finally, the duo walked peacefully after the man rectified his 'mistake'.

The video shared on X (Formerly Twitter) by The Figen has gone viral on social media garnering massive views and leaving netizens shocked and amused. Though the incident seems to be staged, netizens have certainly enjoyed it a lot.

The caption for the video reads: I would do the same to my boyfriend too! (sic)

Reacting to the hilarious video, a user commented, Women are just full of jęalous. (sic)

Another user wrote, "And for us men, it’s instinctive to help others." (sic)

"I would do worst," wrote a third user. (sic)