Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Hindu weddings involve different traditional rituals including the recital of numerous hymns. While such traditions are commonly seen in regional areas, it would be certainly surprising to see such Hindu marriage in traditional style in any foreign land. 

People connected to their roots respect their traditions, no matter where they are. Of course, Pandits or Pujaris play a crucial role in conducting the wedding rituals flawlessly. However, it would be surprising to see any foreigner chanting hymns related to Hindu marriage and conducting the wedding. 

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet that shows a Hindu wedding. In the video, the bride and groom are seen in their wedding attire. While guests are seen crowded behind the couple, a foreigner can be seen chanting the sacred Hindu hymns while performing the wedding. The bride and groom seem to have exchanged the varmala as the Pandit recites the hymns. However, towards the end, the pandit brings a twist. He makes the groom pronounce the wedding oath.

The guests seem to be foreigners as well. But, everyone around was wearing traditional Hindu clothes.

The video shared on Instagram by Kavi Gopal Pathak has gone viral on social media and the comments section is flooded with statements from netizens.

One user wrote, “Salute h bhai pandit ko Sanskrit pad raha h” (sic)

A second user, “Wow।Vedic marriage with sanatani culture even in foreign country,it proves one more thing one can be bramhan,kshatriya,vaishya and shudra by their deeds” (sic)

“Videshi pandit dekh lo kya hota hai? They are better than us because we are gradually forgetting our culture. Don't judge based on language; language is a means of communication. We should feel ashamed that we are forgetting our religion,” wrote a third user.