Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Indian banks and services have disappointed and dissatisfied many customers. People having a bank account must have undergone bitter conditions in some or the other way while dealing with any employee. But, have you ever seen or heard of a bank employee getting fumed over a customer for making queries related to banking services and hitting the latter?

Here we bring a video that stands as evidence of the misbehaviour of a woman bank employee after she was constantly inquired over some banking issue by a customer, who is also a woman. This video talks about more than the dissatisfaction of a customer.

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As seen in the video, a woman (the customer) has turned on her mobile camera and is asking the bank employee to respond to some inquiries. As it seems, the customer decided to turn on her mobile camera after she was rudely behaved by the woman bank employee. 

The customer is heard expressing her anguish and grievance as her issue was not being addressed by any of the staff, not even the bank manager. While the rude employee earlier blamed the malfunctioning machine as the reason for the issue, later, she decided to stay mum even though the customer was constantly asking about her issue. Even the employee had earlier charged the customer for misbehaving. 

While the customer followed the employee and went on asking her to talk, the latter was stubborn enough and didn’t respond. The employee went on ignoring her and carried out her chores. Following that, the customer warned about uploading the video online.

However, another person interrupted the customer saying that capturing video within the bank is not allowed. While the customer was asking if a bank employee was allowed to misbehave with customers, suddenly, the employee hit the mobile, and it fell to the ground. 

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While she was picking up her mobile from the ground, the duo engaged in banter abusing each other. The end screen of the visual showed scratch marks of nails on the customer’s hand.  

While the internet is divided, many have claimed that the customer did the right thing by capturing the entire incident on her mobile.