Cassian Baliarsingh

A clever woman used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to catch her cheating boyfriend and the internet cannot stop raving about the unique idea. The video quickly went viral with many claiming it a great approach to catch people cheating their partners in relationships and marriage.

The woman identified as Mia Dio, 22, shared her experience through a TikTok video and her video is going crazy viral. Mia decided to spy on her boyfriend identified as Billy as he was acting suspiciously, as if he was concealing something.

Mia used AI to stimulate a phone call with her boyfriend’s friend appearing as Billy himself. The phone call sounded like Billy was actually speaking. Much to her shock, her boyfriend’s friend revealed that Billy had kissed someone else the night before. The video went viral with people cursing and abusing Billy in the comment section for cheating on his girlfriend.

Following the outrage, Mia revealed that the video was just a prank and pointed out how smartphones and social media make it simpler for people to cheat, but they also make it easier to catch the cheaters using AI and new technologies.

Mia also revealed how other women had approached her with similar concerns about their cheating boyfriends. Mia’s video has highlighted the rising role of AI in modern relationships and how technology can effectively expose dishonesty and restore control over one’s life.

However, one needs to be very careful as scammers have been impersonating people using AI voice cloning technology.