Cassian Baliarsingh

When you are cheated on, it hurts, it hurts a lot. But, imagine being cheated on by your husband and your best friend. It hurts even more. This story of a woman being cheated on by her husband with her best friend is heartbreaking.

The brave-hearted woman took to Instagram to share her story and how she eventually had to forgive her husband for the sake of her children. Her story is going viral with social media users applauding her for being a true mother.

Her story reads, “I was a happily married woman with two daughters. My elder daughter had a friend at school whose mother became a friend to me as well. She is also a mother of two girls and a teacher. She became close to me and told me that she is separated from her drinking husband. Soon her husband met with an accident and she became a widow.”

“I felt sorry for her and even prayed for her happiness, for some reason my husband started to ignore me and slept alone giving some reasons. I was so depressed and shared with her as she spoke to me like a friend and she said she is with me.”

“After 2 years I found that my husband had an affair with her and they were too close in every level. She always talked to me like a pal made sure my husband was away from me. Later I found and confronted both of them, she sent me all their voice calls to make me feel depressed & proving he didn't love me anymore. I saw numerous intimate videos and photos.”

“When I thought of leaving my husband, he said he made a mistake and don't know how to come out of it. I was shocked as his love for my kids was always there and he would never leave my kids for anyone. It’s been 5 years almost they are separated and he is good with me and my kids, but still I cannot remove this thing from my mind. She portrays herself that she is a psychologist, a teacher and preaches social messages online.”