Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Good sleeping habits go a long way in maintaining good health and keeping you happy.
  • Parents must make sure that their children sleep and wake on time so that they remain energetic throughout the day.

Sleeping, waking up on time, and getting that full sleep of 6 to 8 hours every night go a long way in maintaining good health. Newborn babies take time to adjust to the sleeping cycle, but once they grow up, they sleep for long hours. It is during this time that parents must inculcate in them good sleeping habits. However, with so many electronic gadgets and entertainment mediums of distraction easily accessible, it is very much difficult to make kids sleep on time.

Set a few boundaries

It is not possible to stop children from enjoying a few serials or shows on the television or OTT or playing mobile games for some time in the day or night. However, you must set a few boundaries regarding their screen time and exactly when they should put their electronic gadgets down. Irrespective of whether the kids are tired or not, they must be asked to sleep at the exact time daily to develop good sleeping habits.

Bathing before sleeping

Bathing is not only a cleansing ritual. Bathing before sleeping is also highly relaxing. If the kids are made to bathe first and then sleep, they will feel relaxed and fall asleep fast.

Set a time for waking up

If you sleep late at night, you do not feel energetic throughout the day as you do not get enough sleep. In the same way, sleeping till late hours in the morning makes you feel lethargic during the day and it can disrupt your quality of sleep in the night. Just as you must sleep at a set time in the day, you must have a scheduled time for the kids to wake up.

Create a relaxing atmosphere

Telling bedtime stories, putting the lights off, and listening to light music at night help to create a relaxing atmosphere. It also induces sleep and helps the kids sleep soundly. If you set this pattern for every night, the children will automatically get adjusted to it and whenever the lights are off and there is silent music playing they will fall asleep automatically.

Keep kids engaged throughout the day

Children tend to have a habit of sleeping long hours during the day and then they cringe when it is time to go to sleep in the night. To avoid this, you should keep the children engaged most of the time during the day so that their mid-day naps are not very long.