Cassian Baliarsingh

A few days after an auto-rickshaw driver beat up a man for giving Rs 2000 note, another such incident has been reported from a petrol pump in Jalaun area in Uttar Pradesh.

Infuriated after being handed over a Rs 2000 note, an employee of the petrol pump drained out the fuel from the tanker of a man’s scooter. Now, the video of the petrol pump employee taking out fuel from the scooter has been going viral on social.

The viral video has caught the attention of Twitterati who cannot stop laughing at the situation. The development comes after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced the withdrawal of Rs 2000 denomination notes from circulation. Even as the currency notes will continue as legal tender, it has spread panic among common people who are refusing to accept the Rs 2000 notes.

According to the report, a customer filled petrol in his scooter and handed over Rs 2000 note. However, the filling station staffer refused to accept the note and asked for a lower denomination note. This led to a fight between the two following which the worker drained the petrol from the scooter’s tank using a pipe.

The viral video was shared by a Twitter user identified as Nigar Praveen. Sharing the video, she wrote, “Gave Rs 2000 note at a petrol pump in UP’s Jalaun. The staff refused to take the high denomination note. Later, poured petrol was also taken out from the tank.”
The video has left netizens in splits who took to the comment section and posted hilarious comments and posted memes and had a laughter riot.

Meanwhile, people are queuing up outside banks to exchange the Rs 2,000 notes while several lakhs of rupees in Rs 2000 notes are being given as donations in temples and other religious places.