Poonam Singh

Optical illusions are captivating phenomena that play intriguing tricks on our minds. These have long fascinated individuals seeking to unravel the mysteries of perception. 

These visual puzzles exploit the brain's mechanisms, challenging our innate understanding of reality. 

Artists, scientists, and psychologists alike delve into these illusions, exploring the boundaries of visual cognition. Beyond mere amusement, optical illusions provide valuable insights into how our brains interpret the visual world, emphasising the intricate interplay between perception and reality. 

So if you are an optical illusion enthusiast, here's one that might intrigue you. It challenges you to spot THREE BIRD among fruits and vegetables within 9 seconds.

Pic Credit: Instagram/dudolfPic Credit: Instagram/dudolf

The picture shows a sea of different types of vegetables and fruits with three birds hidden. What makes it difficult to spot the birds is that it is perfectly camouflaged between the fruits and vegetables.

The illustration was made by Hungarian graphic artist Gergely Dudás which he had shared on social media.

Have you spotted the birds in the image? Individuals with keen vision will find the birds within the time limit. The key to solving this one is to examine the image carefully.

Have you already spotted the hidden birds? If you are yet to spot the hidden birds, find the answer in the video below and also see how the artist created this beautiful art.