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  • Janki Maa asks Viju to send Rahul to London.
  • Rahul agrees to go to London after Mauli says that he must listen to his parents.

In Mehendi Wala Ghar Tanvi and Viju are dead against Mauli because she is a divorcee and they do not want their bachelor son Rahul to marry her. They are trying their level best to keep Rahul away from Mauli but all the efforts are not yielding results as instead of straying away the two lovers are coming closer each day.

To tackle this situation and restore peace among the residents of Mehendi Wala Ghar , Janki Maa suggests that Viju and Tanvi should send Rahul back to London by telling him that some official work related to the hotel needs to be managed personally. When Viju asks Rahul to go to London he initially refuses to do so but after Mauli convinces him he gets ready to go.

Tanvi is hell-bent upon removing Mauli from the life of Rahul and now that her son has gone to London she along with Taiji decides to take Mauli to a community marriage gathering. Mauli is unaware of all these plans but when she goes to the place where every family and aspiring brides and grooms have gathered, she is shocked.

Suprabha who sees Mauli at the venue takes this opportunity to insult Mauli in front of everyone calling her a divorcee and asking if anyone is ready to marry a divorcee. That is when Rahul enters the hall surprising everyone. Both Taiji and Tanvi are shocked to see him because they believe that he has already left for London.

But for reasons unknown Rahul instead of going to London comes to this venue and when finds Suprabha insulting Mauli gives a long lecture to the entire Agrawal community and Suprabha for their biased views on girls and boys. And in front of everyone says that he will marry Mauli.

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Both Tanvi and Taiji feel awkward and insulted as Rahul leaves the hall holding Mauli’s hand in the upcoming episode of Mehendi Wala Ghar.

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