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Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker often grabs attention with her thoughts and views. The diva has stated that her Twitter account is the most expensive thing for her as it cost her career. Known for being vocal about her opinions, Swara recently revealed that producers avoid casting her in films due to fear of controversy. She mentioned that while they want an actor like Swara, her loved ones believe she shot herself in the foot and ruined her career.

In a chat with Connect Cine, Swara shared that many producers consider her untouchable in the industry. Friends and well-wishers, including producers and directors, have informed her that studios refuse to cast her upon hearing her name. Swara said, “If there was anything in the world that was most expensive for me, it was my Twitter account because it cost me my career, in a sense… For a lot of producers, I am untouchable in the industry and these are not my words, these are the words of my well-wishers, producer, director friends who have called me up and told me. People tell me that we wanted to cast you but the studio heard your name and said no.”

Swara noted that casting directors are often asked to find “an actress like Swara Bhasker” but are hesitant to cast her due to the potential for controversy. She added, “They are like ‘no, controversies happen’. I don’t know what is the fear but there is a fear.”

Many people, including her own team, have told her that she made a mistake and destroyed her career by being so outspoken. “There are a lot of people who keep saying that ‘You have done the wrong thing, you destroyed your career, why did you do this? It was very foolish of you’, including often your own team. People who love you, and they are coming from a place of concern. They are your well-wishers so they are feeling bad looking at you. Like my brother, he is my biggest supporter and he gets the most angry too that an actor of your calibre shot herself in the foot,” she said.

Swara explained that being vocal was a conscious decision. She said, “I don’t want to act like I am a victim. I chose this path. I decided that I would be vocal and put forth my opinion on issues. I could’ve chosen to stay silent. There was no need for me to write an open letter, expressing my discontent on the Johar scene in Padmaavat. Mujhe koi zarurat nahin thi.”

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On the work front, Swara was last seen in ‘Jahaan Chaar Yaar’ in 2022. She married politician Fahad Ahmad in February and welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Raabiyaa.

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