Cassian Baliarsingh

In a hilarious turn of events, a Gujarati man who had gone to drop his wife at the station unexpectedly got locked inside Vande Bharat Express with her. He simply wanted to assist his wife with the luggage, but the automatic doors shut, leaving him trapped on the moving train with his wife.

The woman, who was scheduled to travel alone, got the company of her loving husband, all thanks to Vande Bharat’s automatic doors. Their daughter Kosha shared the hilarious story of her parent’s unplanned ‘premium journey’ on Vande Bharat Express.

Sharing the entire story, Kosha wrote, “My mother is travelling for the first time in Vande Bharat from Vadodara to Mumbai today to visit me. As it is going to be a longer stay, she had two big bags to travel with.”

She continued: “Naturally once my mom got ready, dad woke up & took the car out to drop her off on the station. When the train arrived, like every other Indian man, he took the luggage & settled it well near the seats so that mom can sit comfortably. That’s when the automatic door started beeping & before my dad could realise, he got locked INSIDE the train & the train started moving! He found the TC & asked to immediately stop the train to deboard, but the TC said it’s too late the train has already picked up the speed.”

She further added, “So now both my mom & dad are travelling in Vande Bharat for the first time — my mom till Mumbai & my dad till the next station which is Surat, looking for a return ticket to Vadodara in a night dress, with our car parked somewhere near Vadodara railway station 😂🤣.”