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A man had to pay a heavy price for boarding Vande Bharat Express Train to use the toilet at Bhopal’s Rani Kamalapati railway station. The man from Hyderabad ended up paying Rs 6000 for using the toilet in the Express train, India Today reported.

The man has been identified as Abdul Qadir, a native of Hyderabad. According to sources, Qadir with his wife and son was on his way to Madhya Pradesh’s Singrauli. After arriving in Bhopal, they were supposed to take another train to Singrauli.

While waiting for the train, Qadir felt the urgent need to relieve himself but could not locate a restroom closeby. So, he got on the Indore-bound Vande Bharat Express train, which had just stopped at Bhopal station, to use its washroom.

After urinating, he came out of the bathroom, only to find the train doors locked and the train departing the platform. Later, he asked for help from the police and TTE who fined him a fine of Rs 1020 for boarding the train without a valid ticket.

He had to travel to Ujjain and paid an additional Rs 750 for a bus ticket back to Bhopal. Meanwhile, his family who had spent Rs 4,000 for tickets to Singrauli, decided not to board the train as they searched for Qadir.

This resulted in Qadir ending up losing almost Rs 6,000 for using the Vande Bharat washroom.

After his bad experience, Qadir alleged that he had to go through the ordeal due to the absence of an emergency system in Vande Bharat Express trains.

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