Vikash Sharma

In this age of information and technology, a person is often bombarded with bother information or misinformation from various platforms and sources. This often creates confusion as sometimes one find hard to check the veracity of such information circulating on social media.

In one such incident, a YouTube channel recently claimed that all SIM cards will be blocked for 24 hours as per new rule of the government.

The channel ‘DLS’ claimed in its thumbnail that all SIM cards will be blocked by the government for a day. However, a factcheck by PIB revealed that it is misleading and fake.

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Busting the claim, PIB informed that SIM card services are suspended for a 24-hour period only when a user opts for swap or any replacement.

In another misleading information, it was claimed that the central government is providing a loan of Rs 4,78,000 to all Aadhaar card holders. The factcheck also found the information to be fake.

It also urged people not to forward any such information and do not share your personal information or financial details with anyone. It is pertinent to mention here that despite a lot of awareness initiatives and programmes, many are falling prey to various tricks of cyber criminals and ending in losing money to fraudsters by clicking on unverified links/ smses.