Vikash Sharma

 With barely days left for a new month, many people are looking forward to giving their best to sail through without any hiccups. Expert Tarot reader -Healer-Life Coach Mrs. Bina Sheth has done a comprehensive tarot card reading for the zodiacs.

Here are the zodiacs who will be lucky in December 2022.


It will be a good month as you will not face any issues as far as finances are concerned. Every relation of yours will be in harmony. Singles might find their partner/soulmate. There are chances of new deals and partnerships. You just need to be open to receive new energies directed towards you in the month of December.


It will be a perfect month for the students and others as they will get new chance to enrol for new courses. It will also be a turning point for the working professionals as they might get promotions. For others, new deals and business ventures are seen. It will be good time to buy property as things will go in your favour. Great spiritual progress can also be made during this time.


The month of December will see a positive change as you will explore the inner self. However, you need to stay alert and avoid impulsive decisions. There are chances of conflicts in relationship even though couples will try to make deeper bond. Self control and discipline is the key for better health now. Spiritually connect to your higher self to dare to fulfil your dreams.

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Chances of issues at workplace as some of you might have to struggle to defend reputation. But you need to stand up for yourself. The month of December might bring some health issues. But everything will resolve with the passage of time. All you need to do is to control yourself and try to ensure that relationship does not get affected.


The December month will bring positive results for those who want or were looking forward to a job change. Advice: You need to spread smile and ensure to help others by doing charity. You need to be open to receive the rewards that universe will be sending you. However, you need to focus on health and seek immediately help or advice of experts.

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