Cassian Baliarsingh

In this modern era of online dating, breakup in relationships has become a common matter. People end their relationships in a matter of seconds through WhatsApp. It has become very easy to find love and end it in seconds, thanks to modern technology and dating apps.

However, have you ever heard of anyone facing their ex’s mother in the boxing ring after the break-up. Well, you read that right. A 19-year-old girl had to face her ex-boyfriend’s 50-year-old mother, that too in the boxing ring.

The cage fight between the woman and her son’s ex-girlfriend is the new viral video on social media platforms. The 50-year-old’s technique and composure have left the internet stunned.

Her terrific blows ensured the defeat of her son’s ex-girlfriend while she enjoyed punching the latter thoroughly. 
According to sources, the idea for the ring fight started after the girl had a very bad breakup with her boyfriend and also attacked his mother.

After coming to know about the breakup, Clout MMA, a Polish combat promoter known for organizing such weird and outrageous matches, presented the ‘Halloween fight’. The video was shared on Twitter by Clout MMA who heaped praises on the 50-year-old woman for her terrific win.

Social media users also heaped praises on the woman for fighting for her son.

“I wouldn’t want to face an angry mother,” shared an X user.

Another user wrote, “This more entertaining than Logan vs Dillon match.”

“All the cheaters in relationships or marriage should be thrashed properly like this,” commented a third user.