Cassian Baliarsingh

In a shocking and bizarre incident, a customer’s online food order turned into a distressing ordeal after he received a bizarre item instead of the hot milkshake he had ordered. His experience of online food order has turned into the worst experience of his life.

Caleb Woods, a resident of Utah, in the US, had placed an order for French fries and a hot milkshake from Chick-fil-A through the GrubHub food delivery app. However, the item that reached his door left him utterly shocked and disgusted.

He received the delivery and eagerly took a sip of his milkshake through a straw only to discover that it was a cup of ‘warm’ urine.

“When I started eating my meal upon delivery, I put a straw in my delivered cup and took a sip. I soon discovered that the cup delivered to me from the GrubHub driver was a warm cup of wine,” Caleb was quoted as saying by India Times.

A furious Caleb promptly called back the delivery agent back to his residence and initiated a confrontation. After a brief confrontation, the driver allegedly confessed to mixing up two Styrofoam cups.

He also confessed that he works long hours without bathroom breaks and uses disposable cups to relieve himself in the car. An angry Caleb then contacted GrubHub for a refund, but he has yet to receive his refund.

On the other hand, GrubHub later released a statement and announced that the delivery agent had been terminated.

In a similar incident, a woman was allegedly served a bottle of water that she believed contained semen. She accused the staff of the hotel where she had checked in of ejaculating his semen into the water bottle and then presenting it to her.

The woman has initiated legal action against the hotel.