Cassian Baliarsingh

A desi momos shop offering a monthly Rs 25000 for a helper job has left the internet stunned. While we spend years to get educated to land our dream job, the paycheck in the real world is only a reality check.

Most of the graduates are underpaid in India. However, this desi momos shop paying Rs 25000 monthly has left netizens scratching their heads if one should study or not. Recent stories of Instagram influencers like Dolly Chaiwala earning in crores and becoming a celebrity has also raised questions on educated people being underpaid.

Taking to her X handle, Amrita Singh shared, “Damn this local momo shop is offering a better package than the average colleges in India these days.”

As expected, the post has gone viral with netizens sparking a debate on the amount of money an educated person is earning these days as compared to Instagram influencers, street vendors and many others.

“Plumber in our area says he is earning more than 50,000 per month. This helper will get Rs 25000 plus free momos every day. I don’t know what do I do with my degree,” a user commented.

Another user wrote, “I started from 10k just 2 years ago. Momo wale ki dukan pe start krna chahiye tha.”

“That too complete 😀 no tds wali bakchodi I guess I should apply,” commented a third user.