X Corp (formerly Twitter) has now allowed users to add community notes to misleading or AI-generated videos on its platform.

Currently, the fact-checking feature is only available for select users to flag fake or misleading images and text.

“Not just for images anymore, introducing notes on videos. Notes written on videos will automatically show on other posts containing matching videos,” the company said in an update. 

X said that this is a highly-scalable way of adding context to edited clips, AI-generated videos, and more and is available to all top writers and eligible Community Notes contributors.

According to X’s guidelines, once a Community Note is rated as helpful by enough users, it shows directly on the post. 

However, if enough users find a Community Note to be unhelpful, the submission will disappear. After two weeks, a Community Note’s status is locked.

Notes automatically show on posts that contain a matching image -- a superpower for addressing AI-generated images, edited photos, and more.

“If you're a contributor with a Writing Impact of 10 or above, you’ll see a new option on some Tweets to mark your notes as ‘About the image’. This option can be selected when you believe the media is potentially misleading in itself, regardless of which Tweet it is featured in,” the company had said in an earlier post.

Elon Musk launched the community notes feature (formerly known as Birdwatch) last year and expanded to several countries.