Soumya Prakash Pradhan

If you're planning to switch to a new smartphone, you know how hassle it cause to transfer all your existing data from your old device to the new one.

How three big Android manufacturers are introducing support for transferring data between devices, even if you're moving from a device made by another brand.

Switching to a new Smartphone:

Getting a new smartphone is not simple, and it needs patience to move all your information from your old phone to the new one.

When you change from one Android phone to another, the way you move your information may vary based on the brand.

Usually, you either transfer your data from your current device or from a cloud backup.

This data includes things like pictures, videos, records of calls and texts, settings such as Wi-Fi passwords, accounts, and the apps you have.

However, the process can be slow, which means it takes a lot of time.

How Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo are making it easier for you:

Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo have made it easier to transfer data between phones.

Even if your old phone is from a different brand, you can now move your photos, contacts, and apps to your new phone with their software.

They made a new thing to help people switch from one phone to another.

It's called a "unified migration feature." Xiaomi said on Weibo that you can use it to move your information from Vivo and Oppo phones to Xiaomi phones.

This way, you won't lose your chats and other stuff when you switch phones.


Although this feature will only be available in China for now, it could still be a welcome change for users in China, as there is no such Google backup available there.

Even if you live outside of China, this new feature can be very helpful. It can be hard to quickly and easily transfer your entire old phone's data to a new phone.