Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Technology is advancing and Artificial Intelligence technology is growing too.

This makes some tech enthusiasts worried, while others are happy about it.

Recently, Microsoft issued a warning about increased digital threats coming from China and North Korea.

They published a report called "China, North Korea pursue new targets while honing cyber capabilities"

In this report, Microsoft talks about the higher risk to specific industries and regions.

According to Microsoft's report, in the past year, people connected to China used AI-generated images to influence operations, making them look like they were American voters.

These images are probably created by AI-powered image generators that use AI to create realistic images and improve them over time.

This technology creates more attention-grabbing content compared to the simple digital drawings and stock photos they used before.

Microsoft expects China to keep improving this technology, but they are not sure when and how China will use it on a large scale.

The report also mentioned that various Chinese groups gather information and spread malicious software against governments and businesses in that area. 

The report predicts that in the upcoming 2024 elections, China will likely continue to focus on Taiwan and the US as their top priorities.

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