Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The Metaverse market is making waves in the tech world, with Microsoft introducing a new feature to the Teams app for hosting mixed-reality meetings.

Called 'Microsoft Mesh,' this feature has been in development for a while and is now being integrated into Teams.

Mesh can be used with or without a VR headset, although the experience may not be fully immersive.

It is available on both Meta's Quest VR platform and PC, providing pre-made 3D immersive spaces for meetings and social gatherings.

Companies can customise these virtual spaces, adding informational videos, presentations, and more.

Microsoft Mesh aims to transform team meetings into immersive 3D spaces.

In a video shared by the tech giant, users can click on the 'immersive space' option, entering the Metaverse where they can choose their avatar's appearance, clothing, and accessories, as well as interact with the environment.

The platform supports audio and live reactions, allowing participants to have private conversations by moving away from others in the virtual space.

While standard features are free for Microsoft Teams business plan users, a Teams Premium license is required for a personalised immersive experience.

Microsoft is offering a free six-month trial for business and enterprise plans, and individual plans range from INR 330 per user for essential plans to INR 4738 per month for Microsoft 365 E5 users, according to the official report.