Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The AI race is rapidly expanding in the tech industry as the era evolves. AI is turning imagination into reality, with platforms like Pika Labs leading the transformation of ideas into real-time videos using AI technology.

Users can easily create stunning videos by adding text prompts, allowing AI to generate precise and realistic videos.

Pika Labs continuously enhances its platform, now enabling users not only to add prompts for video creation but also to generate audio for their videos.

Users can specify the desired sound effects for their videos, making the entire process much easier.

Below is an example of a video using these tools in a restaurant: 

4 orders received, the chef gasps as the food is being cut and prepared with exact sound. You can watch this in the video.

Another similar example is a video where the car's indicator light turns on with sound, the sound of gas burning, birds flying in the sky with their sounds, and the sound of a racing car, all created using these AI tools. You can watch the examples in the video below.

This new feature in Pika Labs streamlines the search for sound effects, offering a realistic audiovisual experience.

To access this feature, users need to upgrade to the super collaborator or pro plan, priced at Rs. 663 per month for the standard package or Rs 4808 per month for comprehensive feature access.

This pricing structure provides excellent value for users, granting access to all the platform's capabilities.