Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The field of AI technology has been rapidly advancing since the unveiling of ChatGPT last November.

In this ongoing competition, Google introduced Google Bard AI tools in February, and around the same time, Microsoft launched Bing AI. Various other tools have also joined this technological race.

Google Bard has recently received an update, introducing a new feature that can be especially useful for those who regularly work with video content.

In a blog post titled "Expanding Bard’s Understanding of YouTube Videos," Google announced improvements to Bard's ability to comprehend and analyse YouTube videos.

For instance, if someone is searching for cooking recipes online, they can now ask Bard for specific details.

The blog post gives an example: "For example, if you’re looking for videos on how to make olive oil cake, you can now also ask how many eggs the recipe in the first video requires."

Google mentioned that this enhancement is the ‘first step’ in enabling Bard to understand YouTube videos better.

To activate this feature, users need to add the YouTube extension for Bard.

They can do this by visiting Bard's homepage and clicking on the extensions button.

On the extensions page, users can toggle the ones they want to use, including the YouTube extension.

It is important to note that, according to a report by The Verge, this feature is currently available as an opt-in experience only. Therefore, it may take some time to be accessible to all users.

Meanwhile, Google has announced other updates for Bard, such as making it available to teenagers, enabling it to assist with math equations, allowing it to generate charts from user-provided data, summarising multiple emails at once, and more.