Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Online scams are on the rise, causing concern among users.

Fraudulent activities, particularly on social media, are increasing, with scammers targeting unsuspecting people.

Google recently addressed this issue on its blog, sharing insights on 'Protecting against Fraud or Unauthorised Activity.'

The blog emphasised the security measures in place for Google Pay transactions and urged users to exercise caution, advising against using screen-sharing apps during transactions.

Google assured users that they employ advanced Artificial Intelligence and fraud prevention technology to identify suspicious transactions in real time.

Despite these efforts, scammers may still attempt to manipulate users, leading to potential financial losses. 

To enhance user protection, Google Pay provided guidelines:

  1. Use UPI PIN Securely: Your UPI PIN is only required to send money or check balances. If asked for your PIN, it means approving an outward payment. Receiving payments does not require a PIN.
  2. Protect OTP: Never share the OTP received for logging into your Google Pay account.
  3. Stay Focused: Avoid making financial transactions while distracted or under pressure on a phone call.
  4. Be Mindful on Social Media: Refrain from sharing sensitive personal details on social networking sites.
  5. Verify Identity: Confirm a person's identity before transferring funds.
  6. Avoid Screen Sharing Apps: Never use screen-sharing apps during transactions.

Additional tips for secure Google Pay payments include keeping your UPI PIN and login OTP confidential, downloading only trusted apps, and being cautious about sharing UPI PIN on websites or forms received via links.

In case of fraud, Google advises users to report irregularities to both their bank and the government's Cyber Cell. In Odisha, the Cyber Cell's address is (

The recommended steps include reporting the transaction to the bank and reaching out to the local cybercrime police department promptly.

By following these guidelines, users can enhance the security of their Google Pay transactions and reduce the risk of falling victim to online scams.