Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Summer is here, and with it comes hot weather that can cause your smartphone to overheat. Your phone components such as processor, screen, GPS, and battery generate a massive amount of heat, which is only worsened by the high temperature outside.

If the temperature of your phone rises too high, it can damage the battery, internal components, and affects overall performance of the phone.
This can even lead to explosion, which is why companies have put in safeguards where a very hot phone stops working.

Avoid the worst ways to cool down your phone:

The worst ways to cool down your phone are to put it in the freezer, put ice on it, wash it in water, or wrap it in a cold towel.
If you think washing your phone in water and putting it in the freezer will help, it will only damage your smartphone.

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When you put your phone in the freezer or wrap it in a cold towel, you are forcing it to cool down rapidly, which can lead to condensation.
Condensation leads to water, and water can destroy any phone from the inside, whether it's IP rated or not.

Three safe ways to cool down your phone:

Method 1:

Switch off your phone and remove the back cover, when your smartphone heats up, the best thing to do is to remove the back cover and switch it off for 30-45 minutes. This will help your phone to cool down slowly.

Method 2:

Leave your phone in a cool place, leaving your phone under a fan or on a cool marble counter can help cool it down slowly. Don't put it in direct sunlight or keep it on the car dashboard, as this can increase the temperature and cause it to overheat.

Method 3:

Avoid playing games and shooting videos in hot areas, avoid playing games or shooting 4k videos for long periods in direct sunlight.

Don't keep your phone on a pillow while watching a movie. Another thing to avoid is using a thick case while charging your phone, as it can cause it to overheat.