Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, also known as CERT-In, has recently issued a high-level security warning.

This warning comes in response to the discovery of multiple vulnerabilities in Apple products, specifically including iPhones and Apple watches.

These vulnerabilities are considered high-severity because they have the potential to allow malicious individuals to perform various harmful actions, such as executing arbitrary code, escalating their privileges, or bypassing important security measures on the targeted devices.

To provide more specific details about which products are affected, CERT-In categorises the severity as high for the following Apple products and versions:

  1. Apple macOS Monterey versions before 12.7
  2. Apple macOS Ventura versions before 13.6
  3. Apple watchOS versions before 9.6.3
  4. Apple watchOS versions before 10.0.1
  5. Apple OS versions before 15.7
  6. iPadOS versions before 16.7
  7. Apple iOS versions before 17.0.1
  8. iPadOS versions before 17.0.1
  9. Apple Safari versions before 16.50

In response to these identified vulnerabilities, CERT-In strongly advises users to take action by applying the necessary updates that have been issued by Apple.

These updates are designed to address and mitigate the security risks associated with the vulnerabilities.

For further information and guidance on how to secure your Apple devices and apply these updates, users can refer to the CERT-IN CIVN 2023-0275 notes.

This provides comprehensive details and instructions on the necessary steps to ensure the safety of your Apple products.